Vip Zone


Condado Club is synonymous with party, fun, performance and especially music in all its sessions. Enjoy the best parties and the most memorable events in a privileged space with your friends at our place. You will have personalised attention from our staff and enjoy the best view of the show. Feel the music up close to the main actors and the night will be extraordinary..

Vip Stage
Live the "fiesta" next to the DJ booth to watch all their movements. Feel the music and dance in the most coveted space. You will never be so close to your favourite artists as from here.
Vip Room
A place reserved for you and your friends where you can enjoy music and personalised attention from our staff where you can move more freely. Don't hesitate; if you want to enjoy the "fiesta", reserve your table here, in the Vip Room.
Vip Box
Take advantage of the best view in the club and an Úlite atmosphere. Ideal for a group of people who want to enjoy the "fiesta" together. Don┤t hesitate to ask us to reserve your table here. We guarantee that you will want to repeat the experience after your first time.


965 27 00 27 / 601 60 20 30 de 9:30h a 13:30h.

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